Relevant to some of the discussions we had (p.s. thanks to everyone who came, pretty much constantly in awe of everyone’s awesomeness!) xx



“So if you – the oppressed – hurt someone’s feelings, you’re just like the oppressor, right? Wrong. Oppression is not about hurt feelings. It is about the rights and opportunities that are not afforded to you because you belong to a certain group of people. When you use a racist slur you imply that non-whiteness is a bad thing, and thus publicly reinforce a system that denies POC the rights and opportunities of white people. Calling a white person a racist fuckhead doesn’t do any of that. Yes, it’s not very nice. And how effective it is as a tactic is definitely up for debate (that’s a whole other blog post). But it’s not oppression.”







– “Ally: Ask Yourself”

– Being “privileged” doesn’t mean your life is rosy


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